Professional Headlight

Restoration Service




Are your headlights foggy, hazy, cloudy, yellow and oxidized?

Don't buy new! Let us restore them for you!

Overtime your headlights coating will start to rear off leaving them unprotected which may cause them to break down from harsh uv rays and chemical exposure from car wash and other cleaning solvents.

We do not use over the counter kits or only clean your headlights which provides short term solution.

We can restore your headlights back to almost like new again without having to remove your headlights with our pantented process.

How do we restore your headlights?

Step 1. remove the oxidation

Step 2. Sanatize

Step 3. Apply original hard coat

Step 4. Cure


Our headlight restoration service comes with 2 years warranty.

Warranty does not cover road damage, rock chips, Scratches, sanding your headlights after it's been restored or any other damage not related to the workmanship of our service.

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Headlight Restoration

By Clarke's Spotless Windshield Crack Repair



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